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SHIFT Coaching Program - App
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SHIFT Coaching Program - App

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How This Program is Unique

Access to Supportive Community

You're not just joining a program, you're joining a family of women who want to help you succeed.

Holistic Approach

Receive guidance through the three pillars of fitness: Mindset, Movement, and Mindful Eating.

What People Are Saying

Down 4 Sizes

People may not believe that a virtual trainer is effective, but I’m proof that it works! By the end of my program, I went from a size 12 to a size 8; I adopted healthier eating habits; and my endurance level increased tremendously.

M. Neal

Can Be Done Anywhere

If you are truly looking to tone, shape or lose weight, I totally recommend Krystal Taylor. This lady here is the truth. Her meal plans are doable, the virtual exercises are a hit and it can be done in the comfort of your home or gym. I am in love with this virtual program. I started a few months ago and the change has been phenomenal.

Sharon B.

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There's no such thing as perfection. Just be consistent and trust the process. You'll achieve your goals.


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