Balance sheets.
Income statements.
Cash flow.

All of these things are constantly evaluated and scrutinized to determine a company’s financial health.

But what about the health of what makes your company in the first place – your employees’ health?

Fortunately, many companies focus on the happiness of their employees and work hard to make sure they enjoy working for them. This may include team lunches, office outings, free snacks, flexible work hours, and anything else that could be found on a list of what employees want when you do an internet search.

BUT if your employees aren’t healthy overall, they will not be able to enjoy any of this.

So let’s talk about why you should take an interest in your employees’ health and how it benefits the company in the long run.

What Happens When Employees are Healthy
1. Increased focus
There are a number of studies that have shown that regular exercise improves focus. Physical activity immediately boosts the brain’s dopamine and serotonin levels – the hormones that make us happy and feel good. Because of this, it also reduces stress levels and anxiety. This makes it easier for employees to focus on tasks at hand in a more clear manner.

2. More energy
When the body is active during exercise, it increases the oxygen flow throughout the body. This in turn delivers the nutrients your body needs and strengthens the cardiovascular system. When the heart and lungs are strong, this gives the body more energy to work longer and tackle more daily tasks.

3. Increased confidence
Whether it’s to complete a workout that was considered to be challenging or having the strength to bypass an unhealthy snack for a healthier option, there’s a sense of accomplishment that is achieved after reaching a goal. Each goal that is achieved, no matter how small it is perceived to be, increases your level of confidence and the desire to take on bigger and more meaningful tasks.

4. Improved productivity
When you have an employee who is more focused, has more energy, and has more confidence, this employee is able to give more to their job, department, and company. There is a decrease in downtime, the need for breaks, and shrinking from opportunities. They are more excited to see what they can accomplish each day.