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health & fitness jumpstart pack

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What’s Included:

Jumpstart Guide

(Value: $40)

5 Weeks of:

  • Workouts

  • Recipes

  • Fitness Challenges

Fitness Is NOT A Game Virtual Playing Cards

(Value: $9.97)

  • Random workouts each time

  • No equipment needed

  • Accessible from phone, computer, and tablet

Secrets of a Fitness Competitor for the Everyday Person E-Book

(Value: $45)

Get tips on:

  • How to sneak in workouts on your busy days

  • Surprising ways to eat less at each meal

  • How to enjoy your favorite meals and still lose weight

… and more


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Only $11 for a limited time!

Value: $94.97


All areas of health and fitness are covered: exercise, diet, and mindset.

By investing in the Jumpstart Pack, you are able to begin your journey to health and fitness TODAY.  Following the workouts and fitness challenges in the Jumpstart Guide are guaranteed to make you stronger, more toned, and leaner.  They are created to target all of your muscle groups so you’ll start liking what you see in the mirror again.  And since no one likes to eat the same things over and over (or eat bland “clean” diets), the recipes will give you ideas on how to delicious meals that are still on target with helping you losing weight.

In addition to the workouts in the Jumpstart Guide, the Fitness Is NOT A Game Virtual Playing Cards let you spice it up (even after the five weeks) to make sure you NEVER get bored with your workouts.  Every time you use them, the workout is random so it’s always a good time.  Since it’s not a structured workout, you get to determine if you’ll exercise for a certain amount of time, flip a certain number of cards, or complete the entire deck.  You’re in control (sorta).  LOL

And no matter how strong we try to be, we all need some motivation and encouragement sometimes.  The Secrets of a Fitness Competitor for the Everyday Person e-book is a compilation of some of my favorite tips that have helped me keep my head in the game over the years.  It touches on some of the biggest reasons (or excuses) we’ve told ourselves on why it’s ok to veer away from our health and fitness goals to give you the real deal truth on how you should really look at the situations.

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what people are saying about krystal…
Krystal was instrumental in jump starting my journey to a healthier me! It is still a daily decision but I have been given the tools necessary to make the right decisions every day!


Thank you Coach Taylor thanks to the challenge I’m now two pounds away from my twenty pound goal. Most of all I’m not ruled by the scale. I’m motivated to keep going!

– L.B.

Your phenomenal energy, beautiful smile, and detail to helping others, has been a “bright star” in this critically dark pandemic!!! May God continue to Bless Your Family, Your Business and All The Families You Help!💖👏🙏👍👋☀️🥰

– J.M.