I reached out to Krystal at the beginning of the year because like everyone in America one of my New Year resolutions was to “eat right and work out”. Although I was committed to this change I had no idea where to begin! I am a wife and busy working mom of three year old twins so I was not sure where fitness could fit into my busy schedule. I contacted Krystal because I knew she offered virtual training which would be perfect for me. From the first interaction I knew I had made the right choice! She took the time to find out my goals and tailored a program specifically for me. The meal plan was easy to follow and was filled with foods that I liked! Krystal held me accountable for the change that I had committed to and I was always proud when I could send progress pictures that showed that the program was working for me. She answered every question that I had and really held me accountable! Even if I wanted to deviate from my meal plan I always felt that Big Sister was watching and there were many times that I pulled away from fast food drive thru windows because I felt that she would somehow know. What impressed me most about Krystal was that when I tried to give up because I injured my arm and had a cast from my wrist to my elbow she politely told me “NO” and that she would tailor my workout plan so that I could continue! Talk about accountability!!!! Krystal was instrumental in jump starting my journey to a healthier me! It is still a daily decision but I have been given the tools necessary to make the right decisions every day!

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