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Body Bounce Back Resource Kit

ONLY $10

($90 Value)

What's Included:

1* Real-Time Workout ($20 Value)

2* Personal BMR/BMI Calculator ($10 Value)

3* Lifetime Access to All Challenge Videos ($50 Value)

4* Fresh Produce Calendar ($10 Value)

Image for visual representation only.  All items in the Resource Kit are delivered digitally.

Real-Time Workout

* No equipment needed

*All fitness levels

*Quick, yet effective (30 minutes)

BMR/BMI Calculator

*Understand exactly where you stand when it comes to getting healthier

*Learn how many calories YOUR body burns throughout the day

Challenge Videos

*Access to ALL videos after the Challenge ends

*Catch up on any trainings you may have missed

*Re-watch the moments that WOWed you

Fresh Produce Calendar

*Fruits and Vegetables

*Organized by both fruit/vegetable and month

*Description of how to select the freshest

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Only $10 for a limited time!

The Body Bounce Back Challenge will be three days of jam-packed information curated to provide the information needed to make the first step toward changing our family’s medical history.  

By investing in the Body Bounce Back Resource Kit, you are able to begin your journey to health and fitness TODAY.  When you complete the workout that’s included, you’ll see how you can get a GREAT workout in just 30 minutes and by using your own body weight.

You’ll also be able to confidently make your next grocery run and know that you’re only getting the fruits and vegetables that are in season. Seasonal food is fresher, tastier and more nutritious than food consumed out of season because it can be purchased directly from a local grower shortly after harvest.

The Challenge is sure to be three days of information that you’ll want to review over and over.  Having lifetime access to all of the videos is an EXCELLENT opportunity to revisit the information that was presented during the Challenge in the future.

Please note: After the Challenge is over, ALL videos and summaries will be removed.

You will have immediate access to the Real-Time Workout, BMR/BMI Calculator, and Fresh Produce Calendar.  They will also be emailed to you in case you misplace the link.

Once you click away, your exclusive offer for the Resource Kit goes away.