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Do You Want Hot Flash Hacks to Help You Handle Menopause & Feel Normal Again?

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But it doesn't have to...

What we expected...

* Hot flashes
* Night sweats

What no one told us...

* Painful joints
* Incontinence
* Dry skin
* Fatigue
* Hair loss

Extra struggles...

* Weight gain
* Slower Metabolism

Maybe you're just now noticing the weight gain or it's an addition to the struggle you've had with your weight for a while.

Let's talk about how we can make weight loss a reality for you - even while being perimenopausal or menopausal.

This training, led by Krystal Taylor, seasoned Health and Fitness Coach, will guide you through practical strategies to manage menopause symptoms effectively using a holistic approach. We’ll explore tailored movement routines to enhance your physical health, mindset techniques to boost your emotional resilience, and mindful eating practices to balance your hormones.

Whether you’re dealing with hot flashes, mood swings, or sleep disturbances, this training will equip you with the tools to navigate these challenges with confidence and grace. Discover how integrating movement, mindset, and mindful eating can transform your menopause experience into a period of renewal and well-being.

All hope is NOT lost. You CAN do this!

This Training is for You If:

What You Can Expect:

We’ll start with why movement is especially crucial during menopause. I'll discuss how staying active can profoundly affect your physical and emotional health, helping to mitigate common symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings. We’ll explore how certain exercises can protect bone density and muscle mass, which are often compromised during this period. Expect to receive practical tips and strategies for incorporating safe, enjoyable, and effective workouts into your daily routine.

In this segment, we delve into the critical role of mindset in navigating the menopausal transition. Understanding and managing the psychological changes during menopause is key to maintaining your quality of life. I’ll explain how a positive mindset can transform your experience of menopause, offering strategies to combat stress and foster emotional wellness. We’ll discuss mindfulness practices that can help you handle mood fluctuations and increase overall resilience.

Here, we focus on the pivotal role of diet in managing menopause symptoms and overall health. Balancing hormones and controlling symptoms like weight gain and hot flashes can often be influenced by what and how you eat. I’ll provide insights into how mindful eating can stabilize your hormones and enhance your energy levels. We’ll talk about integrating nutrient-rich foods into your diet and practical tips for making mindful eating a seamless part of your life.

We'll conclude with a Q&A session, giving you the opportunity to dive deeper into any of the topics covered. This is a great chance to discuss your specific situations, ask for advice, and gain further understanding of how these strategies can be personalized to fit your needs. It's also a wonderful time to share insights and experiences with peers who are on the same journey.

Meet Your Host

Hey! I’m Krystal Taylor, your guide on this journey through menopause. As a dedicated Health and Fitness Coach and the proud owner of Fitness Is NOT A Game, I've spent years helping women embrace a healthier lifestyle without overwhelming diets or exhaustive workouts. My passion? Making fitness fun and accessible, especially during the menopause transition—a time that can be as challenging as it is transformative.

Having worked extensively with Black women in the vibrant age bracket of 45-65, I understand the nuances and specific needs that come with this phase of life. Menopause isn't just a biological process; it's a journey that affects every aspect of life. That's why I focus on the three essential pillars of fitness: Movement, Mindset, and Mindful Eating, ensuring that every strategy I share is tailored to bring not just relief, but also joy and empowerment to your everyday life.

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