Join the 7-Day Discipline Challenge and Build Unshakeable Habits

Why Join the 7-Day Discipline Challenge?

What You'll Get:

Who Am I and Why I Built This?
Hi, I’m Krystal Taylor, a Health and Fitness Coach dedicated to helping women achieve their fitness goals without dieting or spending hours at the gym. As the owner of Fitness Is NOT A Game, I believe in making fitness fun and sustainable.

I built the "7 Days to Unshakeable Discipline" email course because I’ve seen firsthand how many people struggle with maintaining consistency in their fitness routines. Discipline is the key to achieving long-term success, and I wanted to create a simple, effective way to help you build those habits. Through years of coaching, I’ve developed strategies that have helped countless clients stay committed and reach their goals. Now, I’m excited to share these proven methods with you.

Join me on this journey to discover how discipline can transform your fitness routine and unlock your highest potential.
Krystal Taylor
The key difference between achievers and non-achievers is that achievers seek support and guidance to make progress.
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