If so, the 3-Day Body Bounce Back Challenge is what you need to learn how to Get Back on Track and Lose Weight!

Tuesday, December 20 - Thursday, December 22 | 11am CT

Join 100s of people across the world as you educate yourself on how to take control of your health, reset your mind, and change your body without dieting. You can do better and I can help!

We are NOT predisposed for diseases that are preventable! Taking control of our health and weight is a CHOICE.

The Body Bounce Back 3-Day Challenge is a safe place for us to discuss the issues that we face when it comes to our health and the history behind it.  Not only that, I’ll provide the strategies needed to change the trajectory of your family’s genetic history.  With the right tools and knowledge, we don’t have to continue the lineage of issues like high blood pressure and diabetes.  But you have to decide to make a change.

This Challenge is for you if...

*you are looking to sustain a healthy lifestyle and not fall into the traps of fad diets, just to regain the weight

*you want to get your health and fitness on track but aren’t sure where to start

*you are afraid of passing unhealthy habits to your family

*you’re tired of hearing your doctor tell you that you need to lose weight

*you want to improve your health and fitness but aren’t sure what information is correct

How the Challenge works...

Step 1: Sign up. Provide your name, best email address, and phone number (if you want text reminders). 


Step 2: Join the Facebook group. The Live trainings will be held here daily so don’t miss out.


Step 3: Start the Challenge. Log in for three days to get the tools you need to get back on track.

What the people are saying...

"Continue to Be a Blessing!"

"I will continue to work this challenge. Because I didn’t get to this weight in a day I can’t expect for it to fall off in a day. You continue to be a blessing to all you come in contact with. Have an amazing day on purpose!"

- R.Y.

"Motivated to Keep Going!"

"Thank you Coach Taylor thanks to the challenge I’m now two pounds away from my twenty pound goal. Most of all I’m not ruled by the scale. I’m motivated to keep going!"

- L.B.

"On Track and Focused!"

"Great Challenge this week! I've learned a lot and I am on track and focused on better habits and goals. Thanks so much Krystal! Your "get it done" attitude is exactly what I need. "

- C.R.