For the woman and man who want to reconnect with their body and their partner. Join us for a journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling life without the pressure of the scale. It's time to focus on what truly matters—your well-being, your relationship, and the joy of being in love! Discover real health gains that enhance not just your body, but also the bond with your partner. Get ready to strengthen both your health and your relationship, without the scale's mind games.
Challenge Dates:
Monday, 5/6 - Thursday, 5/9
8:00pm ET

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Welcome to the "F* The Scale: Love Your Body, Love Your Partner 4-Day Challenge." This is where the Black Love and Marriage (BLAM) team joins forces with me, Krystal Taylor from Fitness Is NOT A Game, to help you find a healthier balance without obsessing over the scale. If you're ready to let go of those annoying pounds and reconnect with your body and your partner, you're in the right place. Get set for four days of fun, fitness, and a touch of romance.

Krystal Taylor
Owner, Fitness Is NOT A Game

It's time to throw out those dull fitness routines and start loving yourself into a healthier lifestyle. This challenge isn't just about weight loss—it’s about connecting with your body, feeling great in your skin, and sparking a little extra excitement in the bedroom.Over the next four days, you'll get daily emails packed with tips to help you:
* Boost Your Confidence: Find the self-assurance to make health choices that are all about what makes you feel good, not what society dictates. A little bit of self-love goes a long way!
* Increase Your Awareness: Learn to listen to your body’s cues and discover the benefits of mindful eating and movement. When you feel your best, it's easier to connect with your partner in and out of the bedroom.
* Adopt a Sustainable Health View: Embrace a long-term approach to wellness that goes beyond numbers and scales. We’ll focus on building strength, energy, and a body that you—and your partner—will love.

Each day, I’ll go live to dive into these topics, share stories, and answer your questions. Think of it as a mini party where we're talking about everything from fitness tips to relationship hacks.

The "F* The Scale: Love Your Body, Love Your Partner 4-Day Challenge" is your ticket to a more vibrant, connected, and energized life. Are you ready to see what happens when you focus on yourself instead of the scale? Join us and let’s start this journey to a more fulfilling, fun, and spicy life.


Topic: Reframing your thoughts on health and relationships beyond the scale.

Why: The scale doesn't know your story, but your mindset does. Let’s move past the number and focus on your unique journey. On Day 1, we’re exploring the power of mindset and how it shapes our health and relationships. It's about seeing your body as a source of strength, passion, and energy, not just a collection of measurements. Get ready to embrace a holistic view of health that combines mental clarity, physical vitality, and emotional balance. You'll discover exercises that build self-love and challenge the scale's authority over your self-worth. Perfect for anyone wanting to reconnect with themselves and ignite a healthier, more fulfilling relationship with their partner.

Topic: Choosing foods that fuel your body and delight your taste buds.

Why: Today is about redefining your relationship with food. Forget calorie counting; let's talk about satisfaction and nourishment. You'll learn how to listen to your body's needs and choose foods that serve you, both nutritionally and emotionally. We'll explore how to enjoy eating without guilt or restriction, making choices based on what your body needs to feel vibrant and energized. This day is perfect for anyone who's been in a love-hate relationship with food and is ready to embrace a more joyful, intuitive approach to eating.

Topic: Finding pleasure in physical activity beyond the gym.

Why: Who said fitness had to be a chore? Today, we're all about discovering the activities that make you light up. Whether it's dancing, hiking, or yoga, it's the joy of moving that counts. You'll learn how incorporating movement you love into your daily routine can boost your health, mood, and overall happiness. It's about shifting from a weight-loss mindset to celebrating what your body can do, fostering a healthier relationship with exercise. Ideal for anyone looking to replace dread with excitement when it comes to being active.

Topic: Building a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond just what you eat and how often you work out.

Why: It's time to connect the dots and create a holistic approach to well-being that truly lasts. This final day is all about those under-the-radar habits that make all the difference. We'll dive into how a good night's sleep, staying hydrated, and managing stress are the real MVPs of health. You'll learn why these simple shifts can boost your energy, improve your mood, and even spice things up in the bedroom! This is for anyone who wants to feel their best, not just look their best.

At the end of the "F* The Scale: Love Your Body, Love Your Partner" Challenge, you'll leave with a whole new outlook on health. We're not just talking about shedding pounds; we're focusing on a lifestyle that makes you excited to get out of bed in the morning. You'll have practical tips to keep you on track and the confidence to keep pushing forward. So, let's end this challenge on a high note and set you up for a life that's healthy, happy, and full of good vibes.

Challenge Dates:
Monday, May 6 - Thursday, May 9
8:00pm ET

Key Benefits of Joining the Challenge

Joining the "F* The Scale" 4-Day Challenge offers a treasure trove of benefits designed to transform your approach to health and wellness. Here's what you stand to gain:


Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at
Black Love and Marriage (BLAM)

Ayize & Aiyana Ma’at, high school sweethearts, have shared 28 years together and 21 years of marriage. Their enduring love and service working together to support individuals, couples and families for the past 13 years serves as an inspiration and blueprint for for cultivating meaningful connections, prioritizing personal development, and building stronger communities.

They co-founded Black Love and Marriage, a versatile relationship education and personal development company that has experienced remarkable expansion and growth. They’ve transformed from a one to one coaching practice to a thriving community of continuously growing members. They are also founders of Relationship CheatCode, a podcast dedicated to helping people level up in relationships of all kinds.

Specializing in individual and group counseling, coaching, and educational programs, they've addressed a critical need for healthier relationship dynamics through their own model appropriately called “The MAAT Method”.

Aiyana, a seasoned psychotherapist and coach brings over 20 years of diverse experience in working with relationship dynamics, ranging from child welfare to school counseling, non-profit management, program development, inpatient & outpatient settings & psychiatric hospital administration.

Ayize, an experienced and highly skilled psychotherapist and relationship coach brings a wealth of expertise to his work in addressing relationship dynamics, particularly as it relates to the perspective and needs of men. As a former Functional Family Therapy supervisor, he's been in the trenches, helping men, women and families navigate relationships and really gets where they're coming from and the issues they face.

Through their relatable online presence, Ayize & Aiyana reach countless couples and individuals every single day. Their authenticity shines through as they've consulted and appeared on major platforms including OWN, Black Love, CW Network, and Essence magazine. Amidst these achievements, their most cherished accomplishments are their five children, ages 8 to 22, who continually fill their lives with laughter and purpose.

Krystal Taylor
Fitness Is NOT A Game

I'm Krystal Taylor, the heartbeat behind Fitness Is NOT A Game and the visionary leading the "F* The Scale: 4-Day Challenge." My journey into the fitness realm kicked off with something as simple yet innovative as a deck of exercise playing cards, sparking my belief that while fitness is indeed fun, it's anything but a game. This unique start laid the foundation for my entire approach: making exercise a joyful yet vital part of our lives.

I'm the proud author of "F* The Scale: Don't Let a Number Weigh You Down," alongside two cookbooks that align with my mission to blend health and happiness seamlessly. Beyond the pages, I extend my passion through a virtual coaching program, fitness initiatives, and specially designed retreats, not to mention a curated line of products and apparel to enhance your fitness journey.

Driving my efforts is a deep-seated goal to empower at least 1,000,000 Black and Brown families to rewrite their family's health narrative. Through my free challenges and online trainings, I aim to touch as many lives as possible.

With 29 years of experience in training in the military, corporate, and educational sectors and having personally trained over 120 women in the last decade, my expertise is as extensive as it is passionate. Whether you're joining one of my challenges, reading one of my books, or participating in my coaching programs, you're getting all of me and my passion for making a difference. Together, let's sidestep the scale, redefine health, and integrate fitness into your life as a source of joy and empowerment.

Challenge Dates:
Monday, May 6 - Thursday, May 9
8:00pm ET


This challenge is a dynamic, empowering experience designed to shift your focus from the numbers on the scale to a holistic approach to health and wellness. Led by Krystal Taylor, it’s packed with daily tips, live sessions, and actionable strategies to foster a positive mindset, embrace nourishing foods, discover the joy of movement, and integrate holistic health habits into your daily life.

The challenge will begin on Monday, May 6, and run until Thursday, May 9. 

Anyone looking to break free from the scale’s grip and cultivate a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle! It’s perfect for those ready to appreciate their body’s capabilities and make sustainable changes that focus on overall well-being, not just weight.

Starting Monday, May 6, through Thursday, May 9, you’ll receive an email each morning with the day’s focus and tips. Additionally, Krystal Taylor will host live sessions at 8PM ET daily to dive deeper into the topics and answer your questions.

No worries! Each session will be recorded and available for you to watch at your convenience within the Facebook group.

Nope! This challenge is designed to be accessible to everyone. All you need is an internet connection to access the emails and Facebook lives.

Absolutely! The challenge is designed to accommodate all fitness levels, with modifications available to suit beginners. Plus, you’ll have support every step of the way.

Engagement is key! Read the daily emails, participate in the live sessions if you can, and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or for support. Most importantly, keep an open mind and be ready to embrace new ideas and practices.

The “F* The Scale: 4-Day Challenge” is completely free! It’s part of my mission to help as many people as possible jump-start their fitness journey.

While we recommend joining from the beginning for the full experience, you can still benefit from joining late. You’ll have access to all previous emails and recorded live sessions.

Feel free to send an email to [email protected]. We’re here to support you every step of the way!

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