3 Keys to Managing Menopause and Melting Belly Fat

Making Midlife a Milestone, Not a Setback

Thursday, December 28
7pm CT


But it doesn't have to...

What we expected with Menopause:

Growing up, these were the only things that we heard about menopause:
What No One Told Us Would Also Happen:

And as if those aren't enough, we also now struggle even more with:

Maybe you're just now noticing the weight gain or it's an addition to the struggle you've had with your weight for a while.

Let's talk about how we can make weight loss a reality for you - even while being perimenopausal or menopausal.

What Will be Covered in this Training:

All hope is NOT lost. You CAN do this!

About The Host
Krystal Taylor is the Owner of Fitness Is NOT A Game, a dynamic Health & Fitness Coach, author, and speaker on a mission to empower women to break free from fad diets and achieve sustainable health and fitness. With over a decade of experience, she's helped hundreds of people transform their lives with personalized meal plans and workouts that fit busy schedules. Krystal believes in the importance of developing healthy habits that last a lifetime and is a firm believer that anyone can reach their health and fitness goals by adopting a balanced lifestyle, not following fad diets. She's an avocado lover and beer enthusiast who's passionate about helping others achieve their goals.
Krystal Taylor
Health and Fitness Coach

Learn How to Make Menopause Work For You and Still Lose Weight

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