Fitness Is NOT A Game
Spring 2024 Retreat
Info Session

Thursday, December 7
7pm CT

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Why You Should Attend

🌴 Discover Wellness in Paradise: Immerse yourself in the serene paradise of Azul Beach Resort in Negril, Jamaica. Imagine swaying palm trees, crystal-clear waters, and a haven for your well-being.

💪 Prioritize Your Wellness: Explore how our retreats seamlessly blend fitness, relaxation, and self-care. From daily workouts to wellness workshops, discover the secret to holistic well-being.

💰 Exclusive Early Bird Discount: Be among the first to unlock an exclusive early bird discount. Learn how to make wellness affordable and accessible.

🤔 Ask Your Questions: Have questions about the retreat? Want to know more about accommodations, activities, or anything else? We're here to provide answers and insights.

Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime. Your wellness journey begins here!