Premier Access Video Library Bundle

$49.00 / month

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Are you:

… unsure which exercises to do? Workouts/Exercises is what you need.

… struggling to lose weight because of how/what you eat? In the Kitchen with Krystal satisfies your cravings and waist.

… confused by all of the information out there about what you should/shouldn’t do? Find the answers you need in Trainings.

You get access to all of these in the Video Library.



Choose between the Fitness Is NOT A Game Playing Cards or the 12-Week Guide to Fitness to have fun workouts in your hands (in addition to on the screen).

Video Library

Created to give you everything you need on your journey to lose weight and live healthier, it’s broken into three categories:

  • Workouts/Exercises (Quick, Effective Routines and Demos)
  • In the Kitchen with Krystal (Meal Prep Made Easy – and Yummy)
  • Trainings (Education and Motivation)

New videos are added to the Library weekly- giving you fresh content frequently.


Fitness Is NOT A Game Playing Cards

Each deck includes 52 cards and two jokers.  Since it’s a standard deck of playing cards, it can also be used to play all of the games you love like Spades, Bid Whist, Gin, and more.  To help you along, there are instructions with three variations of using the deck.  You can use them by yourself or in a group.  There’s even a variation to add a little competition. But you can also have as much fun as you want and create your own.


12-Week Guide to Fitness

You’ll receive a journal that includes 12 weeks of EACH of the following:
* Home Workouts
* Gym Workouts
* Generic Meals
* Paleo Meals
* Pescatarian Meals
* No Seafood Meals
* No Dairy Meals
* Vegetarian Meals
* An Alternative Food List
* Sample Recipes

There are 12 weeks worth of each plan type (meals and workouts) for you to follow and adapt to your schedule and lifestyle. However, you can switch out the meals and workouts to make your own programs that can provide at least TWO YEARS worth of variety.

Please consult with your physician before beginning any new health and fitness regimen.  Fitness Is NOT A Game, LLC is designed to be used independently at your own pace and risk.  By purchasing this program, you do not hold Fitness Is NOT A Game, LLC and its employees liable for any injuries or illness.