The Weight Is Over Masterclass

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This Masterclass is perfect for you if:

✔ have been struggling with your weight and you’re tired of the yo-yoing

✔ want to lose weight but don’t want a temporary fix

✔ are frustrated with the weight coming back after you’ve tried diets

✔ can’t seem to stay motivated with any workout plans or diets you’ve tried

✔ give up when you don’t see results quick enough

✔ know in your heart of hearts that diets don’t really work but don’t know what else to do



We’ll take a 3-hour dive into…

* the science of successful weight loss.

* why 95% of diets fail, no matter how hard you try.

* what you need to know about nutrition that’s keeping you from losing weight.

* debunking the most common weight loss myths.

* creating a meal plan that is perfect for your needs and lifestyle.

* tried and true methods of staying motivated for the long haul.


What do you get?

* 3-hour Masterclass to get to the bottom of how you can lose weight and keep it off

* Printable tracking worksheets to follow along during the Masterclass and refer to in the future

* Personal BMI Calculator to understand where you actually stand when it comes to getting healthier

* Tools to understand how many calories YOUR body burns during the day and how to use that information to lose weight

* Motivational Phone Screen Savers to keep you on track on those days you just need a little reminder to keep going


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