Like many of you, I travel a lot. I travel a lot for work, and because I travel so much, sometimes, it can be difficult to find options that will allow me to eat healthy while I’m out on the road which is why I have had to learn to just take everything that I need to stay on track instead of relying and hoping that I’ll be able to find healthy food options wherever I go.

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

I have found the old adage to be useful in staying on track. To me, it means that I am required to think ahead. In doing so, I ask myself the following questions:

• How many days will I be gone?
• What am I going to be doing during that time?
• Will I have time to step away for food?
• Or do I have to stay in the room that I’ll be in for the entire day?

Most of the time, I will be in a certain location for at least two days which means that I need take everything with me, and that includes things that are going to be easy for me to snack on.

I’m not talking about actual meals right now. I’m talking about healthy snacks that I can consume while I’m on the road. The reason behind this is too many of us will be at the airport or driving to any given location. Sure, we might stop at a gas station, but what do we get? Chips, probably an unhealthy soda, and maybe even a candy bar or something like that. All of these things can add up in your pockets as well as on your body.

And so, something I do is I look for healthy snacks, preferably something that I buy in bulk.I personally love roasted edamame, although my husband hates it. To me, it’s like having a form of a nut – just like almonds or peanuts or anything like that – but it’s higher in protein and lower in fat. That’s why nuts are good for you, but nuts have more fat than edamame. So, I tend to like edamame more.

But, even if I buy almonds or pistachios, what I’ll do is I’ll buy it in bulk, and I’ll put them in little snack-sized resealable bags. That way, you can have your big bag of almonds, edamame, pistachios, and even carbs. You can have your own trail mix. You can even create your own mix.

By using these snack-sized bags that you can just throw in your bag with you, you won’t have to stop at the gas station or go into the convenience store at the airport only to pay an extreme amount of money and try to figure out what healthy food options are available. So, that’s one of my favorite things to do.

But then, what I also never leave home without is a protein bar. I am not joking. I literally keep a protein bar in my car and in my work bag, I always take protein bars with me on the road.

Protein bars can save your life. There have been times when I have not been able to eat out on the road just because I have people constantly needing my attention. I can’t stop, so I just snack really quickly between my edamame, my protein bar, my almonds, or whatever it is that I have packed, and I know I can make it through.

So, make sure to get snack-sized bags at the store or wherever it is that you go to get your Ziploc bags or aluminum foil. These bags are in that aisle.

Let’s just be honest – and I’m always going to be honest with you – I love snacks. I love chips. Even if I have chips or something like that, instead of eating out of a big bag and taking the big bag with me, I’ll put it in these snack-sized bags because this strategy is really good for portion control, too.

Now, you’re getting two tips about eating healthy – how to eat healthy when you travel and how to make sure that you’re keeping track of your portions. Follow these tips, and you should be okay.

I’ll talk to you all later.

Have a good one!