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Welcome to ACTION – the fitness program specifically designed for women who are eager to start their health journey but may feel overwhelmed about where to start. If you've been unsure how to integrate effective fitness routines into your busy life, or if you're looking for clear, structured guidance in your wellness journey, ACTION is tailored for you.

ACTION is perfect for you if you've felt lost in the maze of health and fitness advice, or if you've struggled to find a routine that fits seamlessly into your life. Whether you're a dedicated professional, a busy parent, or someone simply seeking a straightforward path to wellness, ACTION is your gateway to a healthier lifestyle.

Our program simplifies the journey to fitness. With ACTION, you gain access to easy-to-follow, structured workout plans that can be effortlessly integrated into your daily routine, alongside nutritious and simple meal plans that support your fitness goals. More than just a workout program, ACTION is about empowering you with the tools and community support you need to succeed.

ACTION isn’t just about achieving short-term fitness goals; it’s about going on a sustainable journey towards lasting health and well-being. It's about gaining confidence, building strength, and embracing a lifestyle that centers on taking care of yourself.

ACTION Fitness Program

Here's what you get...

Scheduled Workouts

Ditch the guesswork and stop wasting time scrolling for random workouts. With ACTION, you get scheduled, expertly-crafted workouts designed specifically for women over 40. They're efficient, effective, and never more than 30 minutes, so you can slide them right into your busy life.

Sample Meal Plans

No more fad diets or feeling deprived. Our sample meal plans are about enjoyment, not restriction. Tailored for your unique needs, these plans help you discover delicious foods that fuel your body, help you lose weight, and are easy to prep.

Progress Tracking

It's one thing to feel your progress; it's another to see it! ACTION incorporates visual progress tracking through pictures and measurements. It's not just about the scale; it's about witnessing how amazing you look and feel. And trust us, those ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics will be your new favorite keepsakes!


Ever felt like you're going at it alone? Not with ACTION. Our program fosters a community where you're held accountable—not just by us, but also by a sisterhood of women on the same journey. You'll stay motivated, encouraged, and on track.

Training Portal (FINAG OnDemand)

Unlock a treasure trove of wellness wisdom with access to our exclusive FINAG OnDemand portal. From video tutorials to downloadable resources, it’s your one-stop-shop for all things health and fitness, specially curated for women over 40. You're just a click away from leveling up your wellness game.

Dive into ACTION, your go-to program offering the essentials for kickstarting your wellness journey. Focused on what truly matters, ACTION equips you with expertly designed workouts and nutritious meal plans that are straightforward and effective. This program is not just about providing resources; it's about offering a clear, accessible path to a healthier you.

With ACTION, you get the core elements of a fitness journey - structured exercise schedules and dietary guidance, all tailored to fit into your busy life. Plus, be part of a supportive and motivating community through our private Facebook group. Here, you'll find inspiration and camaraderie as you navigate your wellness path.

ACTION is about making health and fitness achievable and enjoyable. It's perfect for those who want to start making significant changes without feeling overwhelmed. Embrace the simplicity of fitness with ACTION, and step into a lifestyle that's not just about losing weight but about gaining a more vibrant, energetic, and fulfilling life.

7-Day Money Back Guarantee or Cancel Anytime

We believe in the quality of content and service that we offer in Fitness Is NOT A Game. That’s why we allow members to take advantage of a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee if they believe it’s not a good fit. And because we don’t believe in forcing anyone to stay with us, membership can be canceled anytime. We’re taking on the risk so that your business can reap the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: After you select the payment plan that’s best for you, you will receive an email from the app that houses the workouts (Trainerize) and an email from the coach. You’ll also receive a text message to confirm your enrollment.

Ans: No. You are able to complete the workouts on your own schedule for days there is a workout assigned.

Ans: There are 4 workouts assigned each week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

Wednesdays are used for stretching.

Ans: Absolutely none. I’m a huge believer in using your own body weight for resistance and strength training.

However, there is a workout with weights added for the weekend in case you’d like something extra to do.

Ans: I’m a fan of quick, yet effective, workouts. They are approximately 30 minutes each.

Ans: You will automatically be added to email and text communications but the actual program will not begin until the Monday after you make your payment.


It will get you toned. It will get you shaped. It will give you life.

If you are truly looking to tone, shape or lose weight, I totally recommend Krystal Taylor. This lady here is the truth. Her meal plans are doable, the virtual exercises are a hit and it can be done in the comfort of your home or gym. I am in love with this virtual program. I started a few months ago and the change has been phenomenal… ladies and gents if you were like me walking in the gym excited but coming out an hour later feeling exhausted but unsure if your workout was making a difference…. I recommend you look up Krystal Taylor. Ladies, if you are tired of walking in the gym wondering what machine to use but too embarrassed to ask how, or don’t know what machines to use, I recommend you look up Krystal Taylor’s virtual workout. Its For Real! It will get you toned. It will get you shaped. It will give you life. I thank you, Krystal, for giving me a life.

Sharon B.

Not only did I lose pounds but I lost inches and I felt good about myself again.

The older I get, the more I realize how important it is to take better care of myself and to maintain a lifestyle of healthy living. The before & after pictures I took for the program really helped me to see what a significant change my body made. Not only did I lose pounds but I lost inches and I felt good about myself again. The meals provided were manageable and I never felt hungry. The workout plans were easily done in my basement with minimal equipment and was very effective. Also if you are one of those (like myself) who is a lil nervous about getting in the gym just yet, this program will help you build your confidence up in the comfort of your own home and with guaranteed results!

Chastity H.

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