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Exciting news! This Black Friday, we're launching a special pre-sale for an amazing book bundle. Get your hands on my new releases: "F The Scale: Don't Let A Number Weigh You Down"* and "Quick & Healthy Meals: Savor Health, Save Time." This exclusive offer is your ticket to a fulfilling health journey, combining a liberating approach to wellness with simple, tasty recipes. And guess what? You get both for just $35 – that's a big save from the regular $50!

This is more than just a purchase; it's a step towards a joyful, stress-free lifestyle where scales don’t define you, and healthy eating fits easily into your busy schedule. So, get ready to snag this bundle in our Black Friday pre-sale and embark on a wellness path where fitness is fun, not a game!


F* The Scale: Don't Let A Number Weigh You Down

F The Scale: Don't Let A Number Weigh You Down is not just a book; it's a liberating journey away from the tyranny of the scale. This transformative guide by Krystal Taylor is a rallying cry for anyone who's ever felt defined by a number. It's about breaking free from the scale's constraints and redefining what fitness and wellness truly mean.
Key Takeaways:
In "F* The Scale," Krystal Taylor guides you towards a liberating perspective where fitness is about joy, health, and self-acceptance. Say goodbye to the scale, and hello to a new, empowered you!

Quick & Healthy Meals: Savor Health, Save Time

Quick & Healthy Meals: Savor Health, Save Time is your go-to guide for delicious, nutritious meals that fit perfectly into a busy lifestyle. Authored by Krystal Taylor, this book is a treasure trove of recipes that promise health and flavor without the fuss.
Key Highlights:
"Quick & Healthy Meals: Savor Health, Save Time" is more than a cookbook; it's a lifestyle companion that brings ease, health, and joy to your kitchen. Get ready to transform your cooking experience with meals that are as quick to prepare as they are beneficial for your health!

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Incredible Savings Just for You!

This Black Friday, I'm bringing you an amazing opportunity to dive into a healthier, happier lifestyle with my two new books. The best part? You get to enjoy them at a fantastic price!

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Usually, "F* The Scale: Don't Let A Number Weigh You Down" and "Quick & Healthy Meals: Savor Health, Save Time" are valued at $50 when purchased separately. These books are packed with insights and tips that make every page worth it.

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But, here's the deal – during our Black Friday pre-sale, you can get both of these life-changing books for only $35! That's right, you're saving $15 straight away.

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Not only do you save money, but you also gain invaluable knowledge and guidance to shift your wellness journey into a higher gear. It's about investing in your health and happiness, without the heavy price tag.

So, don't miss out on this special offer. Empower your health and savor each moment with this exclusive book bundle, all while keeping your budget happy!


Hey! I'm Krystal Taylor, the heart and soul behind Fitness Is NOT A Game. My mission as a Health and Fitness Coach is deeply personal and focused on empowering women, particularly those aged 45-65, to embrace a healthier lifestyle that doesn't rely on strict diets or grueling workouts.

My approach to fitness and wellness is all about being approachable and empathetic. I believe in making your fitness journey enjoyable and impactful, moving away from the intimidating norms of traditional fitness routines. My philosophy, "Fitness is fun, but it's not a game," reflects my commitment to achieving real, meaningful results through methods that are both effective and enjoyable.

With my experience in helping women reach their health goals, I've learned that what truly matters is not just the advice I give, but how I connect and relate to each of you. My style is friendly and straightforward, making me not just your coach but a relatable partner on this journey to better health.

As the author of "F* The Scale: Don't Let A Number Weigh You Down" and "Quick & Healthy Meals: Savor Health, Save Time," I'm excited to share my insights and experiences with a wider audience. These books are extensions of my belief that health and happiness go hand-in-hand, and both are attainable with the right mindset and tools.

Join me on this journey, where we'll discover that the path to wellness can be as joyful as it is rewarding!

Frequently asked questions

“F* The Scale: Don’t Let A Number Weigh You Down” focuses on shifting your mindset from weight-centric goals to overall well-being, celebrating non-scale victories, and cultivating self-love. “Quick & Healthy Meals: Savor Health, Save Time” offers a variety of easy and healthy recipes, all designed to fit into a busy lifestyle.

As this is a pre-sale for Black Friday, the expected delivery for both books is in January. We appreciate your patience and are excited for you to start this journey with us!

We accept all major credit cards and online payment methods. Our payment gateway is secure, ensuring your details remain safe.

The recipes are diverse and include options for various dietary preferences. While not exclusively focused on any specific diet, many recipes can be easily adapted to meet different dietary requirements.

Absolutely! This book is written for a wide range of readers, especially targeting women between 45-65. It’s about embracing a healthier lifestyle regardless of age or fitness level.

Currently, the books are available as a special bundle offer for Black Friday. They will be available for separate purchase after this promotional period.

Due to the nature of this promotional offer, all sales are final. However, if there are any issues with your order, please contact our customer service for assistance.

At the moment, the books are offered in physical format. Stay tuned for updates on digital availability in the future.

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