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A comprehensive resource designed to bring together key elements – mindful eating, stress relief, sleep enhancement, meal planning, and nutrition essentials – to support your overall well-being during this transformative phase.

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The tools you need to thrive during menopause and enhance your physical and emotional health.

Packed with actionable resources, the Menopause Makeover Toolkit is your partner in navigating the challenges of menopause.

Comprehensive Support: Address various aspects of menopause, from nutrition to stress management and sleep enhancement, all in one toolkit.

Expert Guidance: Curated by Krystal Taylor, a Health and Fitness Coach specializing in menopause wellness, ensuring reliable and relevant content.

Perfect Complement: Enhance your training experience with our upcoming "Menopause Makeover: Shedding Stress and Unwanted Pounds" training.

Unbeatable Value: Valued at $147, the toolkit is available at an exclusive price of only $17.

What's Included...

Mindful Eating Guide

Navigate healthier eating habits and manage stress-related eating with this comprehensive guide. Learn to make mindful food choices that support your body's changing needs during menopause.

Included is the 7-Step Mindful Eating Process, 8 strategies for stress-related eating, 8 practices for creating a mindful eating plan, and much more.

Stress-Relief Techniques for Menopause

Experience tranquility amidst the changes. Dive into a treasure trove of stress-relief techniques, including meditation, deep breathing exercises, and relaxation strategies tailored for menopausal women.

Detailed explanations and instructions are provided for each technique to easily guide you.

Menopause Meal Plan Sample

Tackle menopause weight challenges with a sample meal plan that provides balanced, nutritious meals. Discover the joy of meals that not only fuel your body but also support your health goals.

Includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning snack, and afternoon snack. Recipes and nutritional values are included for each.

Sleep Better During Menopause

Elevate your sleep quality with practical tips and techniques. Uncover the importance of rest during menopause and implement strategies for improved sleep and overall well-being.

Included is a practical checklist on how you can set the stage for a better sleep environment, five relaxation techniques, information about how your diet and exercise impact your sleep, and more.

Healthy Snacks for Menopause

Nourish your body between meals with this collection of easy and healthy snack ideas. Replace stress-related snacking with choices that support your vitality.

Get recipes for homemade trail mix, smoothies, chocolate-covered almonds, and more. Recipes and nutritional values are included for each.

Whether you're a sweet or savory snacker, there's something for you.

Menopause Nutrition Essentials

Not only will you learn which nutrients you need during menopause, we dive deep into why they are needed.

To take it an extra step, you learn how to incorporate these essentials into your daily meals for optimal health and well-being. There's no need to guess.


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