Lose Up to 3 Inches From Your Waist In Just 14 Days!

Specially designed for women over 40 who are tired of the extra inches on their waist who can't stand diets.

Challenge Dates:
Tuesday, January 2 - Monday, January 15

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VALUE: $125.48


Welcome to "New Year, No Belly" – a 14-day journey designed to kickstart your New Year with energy, confidence, and a smaller waistline. Is your "apron belly" doing the most? Are you tired of trying the latest diet trend only to realize its either too restrictive or just isn't something you want to do in the long-run? This challenge is crafted specifically for women like you, aiming to make significant changes in just two weeks. I'm going to share with you the small changes you can make that will have a HUGE impact on what you see in the mirror.

Why "New Year, No Belly"?

As we age, it becomes more difficult to lose belly fat thanks to hormone changes, our busy lives, and how our body changes its response to foods it once loved."New Year, No Belly" is more than just a fitness challenge – it's a comprehensive approach to losing inches and feeling better so that you start the year off with the tools needed to make 2024 your best year yet.

What Sets This Challenge Apart?

In just 14 days, see a noticeable transformation not only in your belly region but in your overall approach to health and fitness. This challenge isn't about achieving perfection; it's about making progress and starting the new year with the right habits.

Are you ready to go on this journey and see what's possible in just two weeks? Join "New Year, No Belly: The Belly Fat Challenge" and let’s make this new year your healthiest and happiest yet!

Be Like Andrea Who Has Lost 4 Inches, Sleeps Better, & Is Less Stressed...

Challenge Dates:
Tuesday, January 2 - Monday, January 15


7-Day Meal Plan

Navigating nutrition can be a maze, but not with this curated 7-Day Meal Plan. Designed to nourish your body while targeting belly fat, this plan offers a diverse menu that's both delicious and diet-friendly. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to gourmet health!

Jumpstart Guide

Kick your challenge into high gear with this comprehensive guide! Packed with five weeks of delicious recipes, invigorating workouts, and engaging fitness challenges, it's your roadmap to success. Dive in and discover the joys of sustainable health and fitness.

BMI/BMR Calculator

Unlock the secret to understanding your body! This intuitive tool calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI) and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), giving you invaluable insights into your health metrics and daily caloric needs. Knowledge is power, and with this calculator, you'll be equipped to make informed decisions tailored to your unique physique.

48 Printable Affirmations & Quotes

Mindset matters, and with this collection of uplifting affirmations and quotes, you'll have daily doses of motivation right at your fingertips. Print them, pin them, and let their positive energy propel you forward on your fitness journey.

10 Motivational Phone Wallpapers

Turn your daily tech routine into a source of inspiration! With these 10 beautifully designed wallpapers, every glance at your phone becomes a motivational nudge. Stay on track, stay inspired.

Fresh Fruit/Veggies Chart

Optimize your nutrition with this vibrant chart showcasing fresh fruits and veggies. Dive into the benefits, seasonal availability, and fun ways to incorporate them into your diet. Your path to radiant health just got a lot more colorful!

Virtual Deck of Exercise Playing Cards

Digital, dynamic, and just as delightful! This virtual deck mirrors the physical one, ensuring you've got an engaging workout option, whether you're at home or on-the-go. Swipe and sweat it out to a different workout each time!

Physical Deck of Low-Impact Exercise Playing Cards

Add a dash of fun to your workout routine! This physical deck of cards offers a dynamic mix of exercises. Shuffle, draw, and get moving! Perfect for those days when you want a spontaneous and effective workout. And since all of the exercises are low-impact, your joints are protected.

Waist Beads for Progress Tracking

Enhance your fitness journey with traditional waist beads! These beads are not only beautiful but also serve as a unique way to track your waistline changes. Wear them as a daily reminder of your health goals and feel motivated as you see your progress. Ideal for adding a touch of tradition to your fitness journey!

Replay Links to All Live Sessions

Never miss a beat! Get exclusive 30-Day access to the replay links for every live session. Whether you're juggling a busy schedule or want to revisit the valuable insights, these replays are a game-changer. It's like having a personal coach on-demand, ready to guide and motivate you whenever you need it.

**All components of the Success Kit are digital downloads for quick access.

** The physical deck will be mailed to the shipping address you provide at checkout.

Yes! You get ALL of this and will lose inches for...

ONLY $27

VALUE: $125.48

Challenge Dates:
Tuesday, January 2 - Monday, January 15


The "Can't-Lose" Money-Back Guarantee

Join the 14-Day Belly Fat Challenge with complete peace of mind, thanks to our special "Can't-Lose" Money-Back Guarantee. I'm so confident in the effectiveness of this program that I'm offering you a no-risk opportunity to transform your health and fitness.

Here's how it works...

Commit to the Challenge:

Participate fully in the challenge. This includes completing all exercises, engaging in all live sessions, and following the meal plans as closely as possible.

Share Your Experience:

If, at the end of the 14 days, you feel that you haven’t seen any positive changes in your health, fitness, or overall well-being, we ask that you provide us with detailed feedback. Tell us what didn’t work for you and how we could improve.

Request Your Refund:

After you’ve provided your feedback, if you’re still not satisfied, you’ll be eligible to claim a full refund of your registration fee.

I believe in this program and its ability to make a significant difference in your life. However, I also understand that every individual's journey is unique, and I want to ensure that you feel supported and valued at every step. This guarantee is my way of ensuring that you can participate in the Belly Fat Challenge with absolute confidence.Ready to take on the challenge? Sign up now and experience the change with zero risks!

Challenge Dates:
Tuesday, January 2 - Monday, January 15

New Year, No Belly: Schedule Snapshot

Topic: Understanding the dietary keys to belly fat reduction..

Why: Proper nutrition is the cornerstone of effective fat loss. Over these days, we'll debunk myths and set you on a path of consuming belly-friendly foods, ensuring you fuel your body correctly to promote fat loss, especially around the abdomen.

Topic: Embracing effective and fun 30-minute workouts.

Why: Exercise boosts metabolism and aids in fat burning. These days are all about integrating short yet potent routines that specifically target belly fat. By making workouts fun and efficient, it promotes consistency and dedication.

Topic: The role of mental well-being in physical health.

Why: Stress, lack of sleep, and an overwhelmed mind can hinder fat loss, especially in the midsection. During these days dives into relaxation techniques, the science of stress-related weight, and strategies to mentally prepare for lasting health changes.

Topic: Tying everything together and gearing up for the rest of the year.

Why: As we approach the end of the challenge, the last two days reinforce the lessons learned, helps in establishing long-term habits, and preps you to navigate the upcoming year with a strategy that balances enjoyment and health.

Zoom Live Session Schedule

ONLY $27

VALUE: $125.48

Challenge Dates:
Tuesday, January 2 - Monday, January 15


I'm Krystal Taylor. With 28 years of rich experience spanning the military, corporate world, and education sector, I've crafted a deep-rooted expertise in training. But you know what truly drives me? A burning passion to empower incredible women like you. I'm not just a seasoned Health & Fitness Coach; I'm an author, a speaker, and your guide to escaping the maze of fad diets and stepping confidently into a world of sustainable health and fitness.

And while I'm all about health, I'm also a big believer in enjoying life. Yep, I'm a proud avocado lover and a beer aficionado. Because life is all about balance, right? Whether you're lacing up for the first time or you've been on this journey for a while, know that I've got your back. And that brings us to "Gone in 30 Days: The Belly Fat Challenge." Why did I create it? Because I believe in your potential. Because I know that with the right tools and guidance, you can achieve wonders. Let's go on this journey together!


The challenge will begin on Tuesday, January 2, and run until Monday, January 15, to start the year on the right foot.

It’s a comprehensive 14-day program designed to help women specifically target and reduce belly fat through a combination of proper nutrition, efficient exercise, mental well-being, and preparation for the holiday season.

No, the majority of our exercises are body-weight focused. Occasionally, common household items might be suggested for resistance, but no specialized gym equipment is required.

We understand everyone is busy. The daily commitment varies but never exceeds 30 minutes for workouts. Other activities, such as reading emails or joining live sessions, are also designed to be concise and impactful.

Absolutely! The challenge is crafted to be inclusive for all fitness levels, from beginners to those more advanced.

Once registered, you’ll receive information through emails and live sessions. I recommend staying connected on all platforms for the full experience.

To ensure the best experience and results, we recommend starting with everyone on Day 1. However, if you’ve missed the start by just a few days, don’t let that deter you. Much of the information will still be available for you to access.

The nutrition guidance provided is general and based on commonly accepted healthy principles. If you have specific restrictions or health concerns, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare professional or nutritionist.

While attending live is beneficial for real-time engagement, all live sessions will be recorded and made available for replay.

There are no additional fees to participate in this challenge. However, participants are responsible for any personal expenses, like food or optional equipment they choose to purchase.

Beyond the live sessions, our Facebook group is a great platform for community support. Additionally, you can always reach out via email ([email protected]) for more personalized queries.

Challenge Dates:
Tuesday, January 2 - Monday, January 15

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