Healthy Habits Speaker Vault


Have you been so busy taking care of others that you feel like you’ve lost yourself?  It’s unfortunately a common feeling shared among so many women.

But as they say on airplanes, you have to put your mask on first before you can assist anyone else.  How can you be there for anyone else if you’re not there for yourself?

Not putting ourselves first leads to adopting so many unhealthy habits.  We don’t eat, sleep, or stay active like we should.  It’s time to change that.

When you develop HEALTHY HABITS, you:

* improve your mood
* have more energy
* reduce stress
* are more productive
* decrease risk of diseases/illnesses
* control your weight
* increase your chances of living longer

… and so much more.

The Healthy Habits Summit was designed to help you achieve all of that.  The experts who have been selected will give you the tips and strategies you need to get yourself back on track.  You deserve it!

Here’s What You Get:

* All 10 Healthy Habits Summit Videos
* All 10 Healthy Habits Summit Transcripts
* All 10 Healthy Habits Summit Audio


Secrets of a Fitness Competitor for the Everyday Person E-Book

Description: Rediscover yourself and embrace a healthier lifestyle with the Healthy Habits Summit VIP All Access Replay! Perfect for those who missed the live event or wish to revisit the invaluable insights, this replay package offers you a front-row seat to transformational wellness guidance.

The Healthy Habits Summit, meticulously curated and hosted by Krystal Taylor, a renowned Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, was an enlightening journey through various facets of holistic well-being. This replay gives you exclusive access to the wisdom and strategies shared by our diverse panel of industry-leading experts.

Key Benefits:

  • Access to all summit sessions at your convenience.
  • Expert tips on improving mood, energy levels, stress management, productivity, and disease prevention.
  • Strategies to effectively control your weight and potentially enhance longevity.
  • Insights into adopting and maintaining healthy habits that resonate with every aspect of your life.

Why You Need This Replay:

  • Missed the live event? No problem! Get all the sessions recorded for you.
  • Revisit the sessions anytime to reinforce your learning and stay motivated.
  • Gain knowledge from specialists in various fields, including nutrition, skincare, haircare, eye health, holistic healing, and much more.

Featured Speakers:

  • Precious Bivings: Learn to eliminate limiting beliefs and embrace success.
  • Nina Bryant: Discover secrets to healthy, affordable eating.
  • Marla Dornell-Leak: Get insights into non-toxic skincare tailored for women of color.
  • Anika S. Goodwin, MD: Explore eye health and luxury beauty.
  • Gwen Jimmere: Dive into efficient and healthy haircare solutions.
  • Dr. Pamela J. Middleton: Uncover holistic approaches to health and wellness.
  • Dr. Ro: Master the art of overcoming emotional eating.
  • Dr. Geoffrey Mount Varner: Learn life-saving skills and emergency medicine insights.
  • Kimi Walker: Understand the importance of early accountability for health goals.
  • Stephanie Williams-Johnson: Embrace the benefits of a vegan lifestyle.

Your Host: Krystal Taylor, the powerhouse behind Fitness Is NOT A Game, guides you through this journey. With her practical approach, she demonstrates how you can achieve health goals through balanced living, without relying on fad diets.