Invest In Your Company’s Health

Corporate Wellness Programs

Training by Fitness Is NOT A Game

Healthier Employees = More Cost-Effective Employees

Benefits of Company-Sponsored Wellness Programs


* Strengthened employee relationships through non-work activities

* Improved employee recruitment

* Increased retention of quality employees

Speaking Topics


* Staying Healthy in an Office Environment

* Staying Healthy in a Home Office Environment

* Healthy Initiatives to Implement in the Workplace

* Stress-Relieving Activities

* Sneaking Exercise into the Workday to Improve Productivity

* In-Person or Virtual Stretching Sessions

Expected Outcomes

Meet Krystal Taylor

Krystal Taylor is a Certified Personal Trainer and health and fitness leader with extensive experience implementing health and wellness strategies that improve businesses’ productivity and overall employee health to a successful resolution. She’s the Founder and CEO of Fitness Is NOT A Game, a health, wellness, and fitness company whose mission is to help women achieve a healthy lifestyle balance at home and in the workplace.

With a strong expertise in training skills and a love for fitness, she’s able to provide the best programs for corporations who need help improving the quality of their company. She has specializations in Fitness Nutrition, Weight Management, and Senior Fitness.


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