Virtual Training –

The Accountability Program


  • Want to improve your health and get stronger but not sure where to start?

  • Not seeing any progress with your current workout program?

  • Feel a little lost and clueless in the gym because you’re not sure what exercises you should do?  

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of these, Virtual Training is a great option for you.  With The Accountability, you’ll get 12 weeks of workouts and meal options.  Since the key to progress is variety, the 12 weeks are broken into three four-week phases.  That means  you won’t get bored with a routine or move.  Your body also won’t know what to expect so it will continually be challenged. With this program, you’ll receive encouragement and feedback throughout the 12 weeks.  You’ll also have access to videos that provide tips and examples for each move outlined in your program.  This is valuable if you’re beginning your fitness journey and aren’t familiar with many exercises. 


Cost: $50/month or $125 upfront

  • 12-week exercise plan

  • 12-week meal plan w/ Food Substitution Chart

  • Access to app for electronic tracking

  • Weekly Accountability Review

  • Modification of plan based on progress

  • Unlimited access for health and fitness questions

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