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Title: F* The Scale: Don’t Let A Number Weigh You Down

Author: Krystal Taylor

Release Date: January (Pre-sale)

F The Scale: Don’t Let A Number Weigh You Down

  • Synopsis: Break free from the tyranny of the scale with Krystal Taylor’s inspiring guide. In “F* The Scale”, Krystal, your friendly and empathetic fitness coach, invites you to redefine your approach to wellness. Discover how to focus on well-being over numbers, celebrate victories beyond the scale, and create a lifestyle of health that fits seamlessly into your busy life. Embrace a world where fitness is measured in smiles and energy, not pounds and kilos. This book is more than a read; it’s a movement towards self-love and positive body image.


Who Is This For?

  • Anyone looking to break free from the scale’s constraints.
  • Those aspiring for a joyful and sustainable fitness journey.
  • Women between 45-65 looking for relatable, friendly guidance in health and wellness.

Special Note:

  • This is a pre-sale offer with an expected delivery date in January.
  • Limited quantities available – embrace this unique opportunity to redefine your wellness journey!